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Find truE or False across bundled colums


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Hi all,

First post for a while (that's what CCNA studying does for you).Can anybody help?

I've done a bit of searching across the forums but my problem seems to be unique-if anybody DOES know of a solution, then point me in the right direction and I will gladly follow :)-)

Please see the attached file-it is a snapshot of a larger one-I have omitted some details as it is customer senstive but the main parts are in there

Basically, there are 4 columns. Column A is a location identifier, column B is a card slot no., column C is a position within the card and column D is a configuration on that C position.So an example is

acto 3/0 0 33.6

acto 3/0 1 36.8

acto 3/0 2 22

acto 3/0 3 33.6

acto 3/0 4 36.8

acto 3/0 5 28.8

The way these cards are set up, and the file gives you a greater example, is that they are "bundled" together-that is, card positions 0,1 & 2 should be mirrored on 3,4 & 5.In the above example, they are not (position 2 on bundle 0,1 & 2 is different from position 5 on bundle 3,4 & 5)-which is my problem.Is there any way in FM that I can pick this sort of anomilay saying TRUE (meaning both bundles are mirrored) or FALSE (meaning they are different)?

Thanks for any guidance



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The problem is that this is the way

a) the data is presented off the machines

:) the data has to remain this way, after any analysis, manipulation etc

so I cant move it about-well, not that I would know how and then bring it back to way it was before it was manipulated

Thanks for the reply anyway



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This topic is 6462 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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