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Mobile wedge setup

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I am using the FileMaker Mobile, FMM, on an iPAQ hx4700. I am receiving a fifteen digit numeric string from an RFID reader via a bluetooth connection. I am using the wedge TWedgeCE to convert the sting.

Using Postfix={RETURN} will enter the data and trigger a find. In Browse mode, it leaves three line fields or carriage returns.

What are the control sequence characters or the parameter settings to allow data to be entered to a field and perform a find and in browse mode enter data to a field then move to the next field?

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I was been able to get some questions to the SEs at FileMaker. The responses were:

No, FileMaker Mobile does not have control sequences because it was built for a touch interface.

*However, by adding {ENTER}, {EXECUTE}, or {RETURN} as a Postfix= option in the wedge, in Find Mode, a find is performed after the data is entered. In Browse Mode, the setting will add a carriage return to the data.

I knew using FMM that calculations, scripts, and all things multi-table are not possible. The recommendation was to build an application in another program, currently beyond my abilities, or to use Excel and import. For this application I will use Pocket Excel and imports.

Excel allows the command sequences to move to a new field and also the ability to perform look-ups and calculations.

I am completing a database containing all the functions and control sequences for the wedge so I can scrip a dynamic .ini settings files for the wedge. This will allow the creation of popup windows (by the wedge) for select user warnings. Secondly, I can store multiple setups for various files with the source data.

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This topic is 6449 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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