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ScriptMaker Updates

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From memory, apart from changing where scripts are named, the ScriptMaker itself has barely changed throughout the last few FileMaker releases, but there are a few things I think could be added to make it even easier to use.

  • Collapsable Script Categories
    Allowing all navigation scripts for example to be grouped together, also collapsable so that u could see all the categories and easily find the script required.
  • Searching Scripts
    Some of the databases I work with have hundreds of scripts and finding a paticular one can be a nightmare, a simple textbox with find as you type could easily narrow down search from minutes to seconds. Maybe even being able to search within scripts for text strings, script steps etc.

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FileMaker, Inc. is very aware of these feature requests as they have been suggested by just about everyone over the years. I say this not because you shouldn't keep asking for this feature but so you know FMI has been schooled about this many times especially by me. I look forward to the day when better organization features are added to FileMaker but also realize there are many factors when considering what array of new features to add to the next release.

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This topic is 6462 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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