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Auto filled Container field

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Hi all,1st of all thanks for all help...here is my problem: I have 2 fields A & B

A is contained Employees ID number (xxxx)

B is container field for photo.

In my employee's database all employee photo store under EmployeeID number locate in folder " D:Emp_Photoxxxx.jpg "

Is there a way that i can auto data entry into field B a complete each path, file name for each record such as (D:emp_photoxxxx.jpg), so that when I click on field B it automatically load the photo.

Many thanks...

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In order to figure out how to do this:

1. Manually insert an employee photo as a reference into the container field.

2. If you have FileMaker 8 Advanced, use the Data Viewer to view the container field and it will list some return separated information including some paths. Otherwise, create a calculation field equal to the container field but with a text result (same result, more work).

3. Copy the path up to the name of the employee photo. It might look soomething like this:


image:../../../FileMaker/certified_8_logos/2 Color Logo/certified-8-logo_lrg.jpg

imagemac:/Whatever/FileMaker/certified_8_logos/2 Color Logo/certified-8-logo_lrg.jpg

You can use either the first or second path but the second path specifies a Macintosh (imagemac:) or Windows (imagewin:) only path.

4. Enter the auto-enter area of the container field and paste the path (within quotes) into an auto-enter calculation. Add an ampersand (&) at the end followed by the name of the Employees ID field.

5. Make sure to uncheck the option to "do not replace existing value if any".

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This topic is 6462 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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