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corruption; need advice


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Hi all,

Lurker here...thanks to everyone who posts and replies here at FM Forum; very helpful site. Hope I'm posting on the right forum.

Anyway...have a corruption issue I'd like some direction/feedback on. I have figured out that the corruption appears to be in one field; a text field that gets set when a record is created (which happens via a script). This particular field is critical to a scripted find and to several relationships. The script/find keeps failing intermittently; I go in and re-index the field and all is well for a while -- maybe a day, maybe an hour. But ultimately, the index gets corrupted again. Interestingly, the relationships that rely on the field seem to be fine, i.e., the right records are showing up in portals, etc.) FYI, I am using the separation model; the field is thusly in my data file; the scripts are in the UI file. We are still in development mode and only have test data in the data file.

So, here's my question(s). How do I know exactly where the corruption is? From what I'm describing, is it most likely that the corruption is in the actual data contained in the field? Will this problem likely be solved when/if I clear out all the current test data? Or, do I need to take more drastic steps, i.e., delete the field, re-create it, remap all scripts and relationships, etc.? Or further, delete and re-create the enter table? Or even further, re-create my enter data file (ugh -- 30+ tables in there).

Any advice and/or direction would be appreciated.


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This topic is 6455 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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