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Multiple Portals


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I have been developing a db that generates a "purchase order". Everything has been great,with help from this forum, until the users asked for another item.

We need to be able to list all the products that make up ABC product below the ABC Product Description.

Currently I am using a portal that the users pick the products, this in turn populates a table that I draw from for various reports including a purchase order.

I have been looking at sub-forms but unless I categorize every product (10,000+) I don't think it will work.

I was thinking about multiple portals. Add another field to the details table and pull from that. Can multiple portals be used? and if so how do you set them up? The ones I have played with just duplicate the first portal in the layout.

Many Thanks Again,


PS sorry if this posted 2x

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I can't help you with your question but I can tell you that I've also been trying - without success - to use multiple portals in the same record. Everything appears to be set up correctly but only one of the three portals will display information. I am beginning to think it just isn't possible.

I hope that somebody on here can help you - and me!

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It's not possible to put a portal in a portal, but there are other methods.

In Sharon's case, a Bill of Materials (BOM) structure might fit nicely. A search of the forums may produce some discussions about that rather complex structure.

Another option is to use two portals side by side, where the selection in the first sets a global key to show the results of the selection in the second portal.

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I faced a similar situation a while ago, and chose to implement the two portals as Ender suggests above. To tell you the truth, it's a lot cleaner and a lot more intuitive.

Anyway, just my ah, 2c so to speak :D

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Thank you Ender and Genx for your help! I wasn't trying to create a portal within a portal, but three portals in the same layout showing info from three different sources. It was great to be reassured that this could be done because it meant it was just me doing it all wrong...

I've gone back to the DB and I see now that the multiple portals were set up correctly but it was actually the source tables that needed reworking. Everything is displaying properly now I have gone back a step.

Sharon, I hope you don't think I hijacked your thread. I'm new to posting on any kind of forum and it just seemed logical to join your thread rather than start a new one on the same subject.

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This topic is 6441 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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