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Select multiple objects in Layout not working

Tom Ledbetter

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These commands do not work!!!

Select multiple objects - (If you press ⌘ while dragging, the selection box does not have to completely surround the objects.)

Duplicate an object by dragging it - Option and drag the object

These were directly from filemaker help. Neither works!!! Its been a year. Its driving me craZZZZy. :P

I have deleted the prefs and reinstalled.

Mac OS 10.4.7, Filemaker Pro Adavanced 8.5

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There exists two methods the shift-markeeing, and the command. Which one to chose depends on the cluttering of objects. I feel it quite opposite ... it's a great option to select just the objects being passed as greyed line, regardless of their boundaries. If this conflicts with other tools approaches, then it's a slight bummer - but I can't help feeling it a quite usefull feature!


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Hi Tom:

This problem might be due to a bad "prefs" file in the OS. You could try the following.

Quit Filemaker. In the Finder, open your "Library" folder. Locate the Prefs file for your current version of FM and drag it to the trash. Relaunch FM.

You may need to reset some of your preferences in FileMaker, but it will be worth it if those features come back to life. I use the option-drag feature all the time, and I'd be miserable (more than normally) if it stopped working.

Let us know if this helped.

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Well, Rats! Okay, just a couple of other thoughts, but admittedly I'm kinda throwing darts with the lights off here.

In your System Preferences under the Universal Access panel, do you have "Enable Access for Assistive Devices" activated? While exploring these prefs some time ago, I encountered some aberrant behaviors when this was enabled.

And in the Keyboard & Mouse panel under the Keyboard Shortcuts tab, do you have any special shortcuts that may be involved? What about the Full Keyboard Access settings?

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This topic is 6453 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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