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I have two files. Sites and Letters. The site file has fields with computer information in the fields. There is a Site Name field, System Type field, MaintExDate and a Computer Serial Number field. On site or "Site Name' could have 12 records (12 computers at that site).

The Letters file has a portal in it that has the related System Type, Compuer Serial and MaintExDate in it. The relationship is based on the unique site names.

So the Letters file displays a Site name and in the portal all the computer systems related to that site.

Based on the maintenance expiration date (MaintExDate) I want to only display in the portal those systems that have or will have in the next three months MaintExDate expired so I can send them a letter. I have tried to search the MaintExDate but if any of the dates are valid all the system serial numbers show up. I also tried omitting the valid dates but then all the records in the portal were omitted.

Is the answer to use a global with the date range in it and then find on the MaintExDate?

All help appreciated...

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This topic is 7753 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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