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Daniel W

Checkbook Sub-Summaries

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Although I've not studied FileMaker Pro for quite some time, I do have a file that I use frequently, named "Checkbook" that consists of numerous buttons linked to scripts.

Here is my problem: I wish to create a layout whereby:

1) I can view the entire checkbook and view (and print) the total expenditures month by month.

2) I can call up a category and view the totals of that category month by month.

I’m guessing that it entails a sub-summary, but I can’t make it work.

Please note that my date field is formatted as mm-dd-yy.

The layout can be viewed at: www.46952.com/checkbook.jpg

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You should turn the date into month and year sans the day, here comes this calculation field returning result as number in handy:

Year(theDate) & Right("0" & Month(theDate);2)

...as "sort by" and breaker field for the summary of expenditures, when trying to see this as a subsummary report.


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Søren Dyhr,

Thank you for your very prompt reply. I feel that I’m about 99% there, but I have a couple of questions.

You suggested the following calculation field:

Year(theDate) & Right(“0” & Month(theDate):2)

I haven’t the slightest understanding of the logic, but that’s not important right now.

Not knowing if you were suggesting that I reformat my original field named “Date,” I kept my original “Date” field (Type: Date) and created a new calculation field named “Date2.”

But, when I created the new calculation field and tried to save it, FileMaker told me that there was no such field name as “theDate,” so, I deleted the word “the.”

I then created the sub-summary sorting on the field named “Date2”. PRESTO! Viewed in Preview Mode it came out ALMOST as I had hoped. Only one small problem: The dates shown were in reverse order.

See: www.46952.com/reversed_order_of_date.jpeg

It shows the last entry of the month at the top, rather than at the bottom of the list, where I prefer it to be. Is there a quick fix?



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It's pretty straight forward, just stack a list of sortorders, if you switch their order will you get diffferent results - a hierarchy is working!

You might examine my template, or just go ahead with your own!




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