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Calculation fields that wait for entries


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I have attached the file I am working on. I am looking to do a calculation for inventory purposes on yardage of fabric. There are two times we are entering in information and on the first time we enter data, we put the yardage ordered. The second time we enter data we put the yardage currently on the roll. I want a calculation that waits until I put the "starting quantity" to subtract the "yards" to get the calculated "balance remaining". Currently when I enter, say, 4 yards, it calculates -4 yards in the balance field and does not recalculate when I enter the starting quantity. Check it out and let me know.



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The calc field that you are having problems with will need an entry along these lines

Case(isempty(field1) or isempty(field2);"";whatever calculation you want to do)

Put this into the field that is giving you the -4 answer and it won't display anything if either of the fields is blank.

Make this an UNSTORED calculation and it should change as you change the data in either field.

I am sorry that I could not be more specific with my answer but your question was a little non-specific in the naming of the fields that were involved in your problem.

Might I also suggest that to get the best help possible from the forum, when you post a file for inspection you at least tell us in which of the ten files provided, the problem lies.

I am sure you will get a better response



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This topic is 5801 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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