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Familial Relationships and Displaying Related People


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Hi Everyone,

I've read through many posts on this site which reference the topic I'm about to revive, and the most closely related to my issue is Post#135019.

I want to do a similar thing to what Ocean West wants to do, which is define interpersonal relationships, but I also want to know how to display those related people on the main page for just one person. And, I also don't understand the replies posted on that inquiry - too advanced for me.

For example, if I'm looking at the record for Peter Brady, I want to see a list of the people who are attached to him in some way, and whatever information from their records that I want to. Since Peter's in a family as well as in a class at school, I'd like to be able to choose whether to show the people in his family and/or the people in his class. It'd also be great if I could then click on one of those associated persons' names or a button associated with that associated person and go to their main record.

Lastly, I would also like to be able to enter all the folks in a relationship group (family members or a class of students) at once instead of all individually.

I sure hope that makes sense. I'm not intimately familiar with my software though I'm trying to learn, but the usual database-maker's jargon soars over my head like a leer jet. Could someone help me in simple English, please oh please??


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This topic is 5793 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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