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Auto entry from one file to another


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I have two files, our "Master" file and our "Database" which are simplified examples of our database. The "Database" file has three fields: Item #, Design, and Color. The "Master" file has the following fields: Designer, Item #, Design, Color, and Paid. What I would like to happen is that when enter the Item # in the field within the "Master" file, it will auto enter the "Design" and the "Color" within the Master file from the corresponding "Design" and "color" fields in the "database" file. How do I accomplish this? Please see attached.


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First I would suggest you go to this link:


And read the "White Papers for novices" and "database design." Links for both are on the same page.

You need to develop a relationship between your Master table and your database table. See example "New Database" Go to File>define>database and click on the relationship tab. Things should be clearer once you read the two papers above and you look at the example. If you still have questions we'll be happy to help you.

Also, the beauty of FM is that you can maintain all your "Tables" (Master Table + Data Table)in one database (New Database). It is a lot easier that way unless your files are going to be HUGE.




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You are amazing!

That worked great, I have got my relationships going and it looks wonderful. Thanks for the link as well, there is some real gems there. Great attachment, all the relationships and references were clear and simple! :P

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Hi Aldipalo,

I'm having difficulty with this auto entry issue. In the Master Table I have set the design and Color fields to auto enter data from the design and color fields in the Database Table. "Do not replace existing value" is unticked.

When I select the master item number from your drop down, everything works fine. The design and color fields in the Master Table are updated with the values from the Database Table.

But if I manually overwrite a color in the Database Table, the color in the Master Table does not change.

You can see on my screenshot that the color for item 201U59 in the Database Table has been changed to red, yet the color in the Master Table remains as Indigo. In the next Master record I used the drop down to select the 201U59 item, and the Color correctly changed to red.

I'm having the a similar problem in my own database where the auto update works on some records but not on others and I cannot figure out why. This is a big problem for me as I wish to use some of these auto entered fields in relationships.




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This topic is 5788 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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