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Many databases in runtime


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I need solution to manage more companies in one database.

For example:

I have 10 companies in database and each company have own employees and doing some statistics on employee data.

I want to choose a company with which I want to work in that moment. So if I choose company no.4 I want to see only employees for that company.

One solution would be export/import data for each company created. I would create script ( when you want to create new company to work with ) to export existing data in company#.fm7 file and empty out the database. And when I will change company I would first export existing data to company#.fp7 and import data from choosen company#.fp7 file.

Is there better way to do this?

P.S. I need this also for network solution ( many users working on same database on different companies ), but in this moment it seems impossible ...

Thanks in advance

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Why not view separate companies in a portal?

Make a global field g_company and a self-join between that field and your companyID field. The portal onto the company data will then only show values currently related to the value in g_company. You can populate the g_company field with a value list made up of all the values in your companyID field so enabling you to switch companies easily. This would work in a networked environmnet and you could restrict access by pre-setting g_company

apologies if I've missed the point.

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I am looking for a system which will separate found sets based on company.

I would like to make selection on top menu and choose company that I like to work with and database will show and allow user to work with data that is based only for that company.

So if I work with chosen company I would like to see only this company employees, invoices, products, ..., perform find on this records, add records, ...

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Basicly is it done by using a proper normalized structure and GTRR (go to related record) sometimes with the "Found set" feature and:


Before fm8 were we forced into schemes like:



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I know that but I don't want to load so much extra work to myself. If I would do this It means that I would have to include GoTo Related Record in each script that is showing data based on company. And there is also problem with found sets ( omitting, showing omitted, ... ).

I was thinking about creating another database ( saved as clone ) for each company. Scripts stays the same and you have empty database to work with. I would create some navigation menu to choose with which company I would like to work. But here is problem in runtime ( you can't create another file and have it open ).

Any ideas?

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This topic is 5787 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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