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Emailing record

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I use FM8 and enjoy it but I don't have the training to understand it well. I need help to set up an email warning that a due date is approaching overdue (the number of days remaining is less than, say, 10 before the action required is done). I have a field that calculates the due date and compares it to today's date, displaying it as a negative number until the due date is reached when it goes positive. I want a script that will send an email to a certain address when the number reaches -10. Either every day from then, or maybe another when it reaches 0.

I have tried to set up such a script but honestly do not know where to start, nor do I know how to make it work. I want the email to send the information from only one record at a time, for one field on that record, but I need it to identify that record by number or by some other field that shows who the record applies to. Maybe if the email could send more than one field from each record, one being the name of the record holder?

Then I need to set up the email script, but that seems to be easy enough although the way I see it you can have only the field or a text message, not both.

I have also found that since I do not use Outlook, I cannot test the script. If I don't use Outlook, I assume it will not work at all? I use IE and also have aol on my computer.

Once I have such a script, how do I make it work? Do I use the "if" command?

better leave it here, and hope to have a response. Thanks.

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This topic is 5790 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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