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GradesofClasses Layout


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First thank you for your reply. As I understand from your attachment it is allowed to see the grades of a student for all the classes that is took for a school year. But my problem is more complicated. I want in a students record for the client to see all the grades for all the classes and for all the students that participate to all the classes. So I supposed that we want to make a table for every class... Not a table for all classes.


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A big and crucial problem regard to the educational databases.

Let suppose that we are in Greece and we want to construct a database to hold records for the elementary students, grades and attendance of the students. As it is probably known there is a crucial difference between American and Greek Primary Schools.

Greek Schools have six permanent classes because “class” in Greek schools means the students that belong to a group of students in the same educational level. So Greek classes are always:

A CLASS – The smallest





F CLASS – The biggest

Every class has a program of courses like: Language, Mathematics, History etc. Depending on the number of Students classes may have two or three subclasses of course with the same program of courses. Students take grades for their performance in these courses every three months and in the end of the school year take for every course the average of grades that took in the three previous like “semesters”. Consequently the average of the average of all the courses in semesters give the final grade in the Class. This means that the student has or not the right to continue to the next educational level.

Because of this I can not relate the tables with the appropriate way because all of the American Filemaker programmers can not understand what I want to do, and they give advice depending on the American Educational System.

Anyway for anyone who can understand:

I want to make a portal or a layout from a student record in order to be able to see what grades took all the students of the class or the subclass that student belongs to all the courses not to particular course. I hope you can understand.

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This topic is 5793 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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