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Windows XP Professional

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Well, I have finally brought my database to work and installed it on a Computer running Windows XP Proffesional. When I installed the software I amde sur ethat all users could use the program. So they all have a shortcut to the program and a shortcut to the file. The file is in a folder that can be accessed by everyone.

The problem is that none of the users except for me can log in. When they try to, it says permission denied, in a Filemaker Pop up window.

I checked that all extended priveledges were granted, not knowing if any of them would help. It didn't help. Has anyone else run into this problem. I only have 5 users now, running FM on one computer (and I can't even get that to work), but eventually I will have to put this on the network at work, and have 50 users using the Server version.

Thanks Dave

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So you are going to use server?


If you are trying to just host between 5 users, open it on your PC, and then go to the other one, open filemaker choose file, open remote... , choose your machine, and choose the filemaker file (and yes, this process can be automated but try it manually first).

EDIT: Ummm, I think i may have misunderstood the question -- It's running on only one pc at the moment?

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I would recommend that you:

a) read the Server White paper from the FMI website;

;) read the Server Admin Manual that ships wityh FileMaker Server; and,

c) contact Angel City Data or Torok Designs--both FileMaker Certified Developers-- there in Los Angeles for assistance in getting this set up.

Your setup is so far from what it's supposed to be, that you have likely already damaged your files. I hope you have a good backup from before you set this up. Also when you do move to the larger system, be sure to run the server on a Server OS, not on Windows XP.

Sorry for the bad news.


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I have 8.5 advanced not the server version.

I am running it on one PC.

All 5 users use the same computer.

They all have different log ins.

Even thought they can see the program, when they try to log in, it will not allow them.

The folder where I have the file, they all have permission to it and Full Control.

It is a mystery.

Shouldn't this be simple?


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We all have different windows log in accounts.

When I installed it, I checked let all users use the program.

They have the program available.

The data file is the problem.

I can't let them log in as me.

Are you saying that this is a limitationof FM or Windows?

I made sure that all users had access to where the file is and I set all users for full control


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This topic is 6146 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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