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Finding Like Records

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Hi Guys - I am without a doubt an FM newbie.

I am building a database for our small, online, business that checks the identity of a customer before we authorise payments to them. Customers have to send us documents that prove their identity and address. That part is all working just fine.

What I need to do is to look for similar records to this customer record in the Customer Table and display the found records in a portal - if any are found. (We are checking to see if this customer may have previously registered with us using slightly different details).

I want the Find Criteria to be defined through Check Boxes that the user can check or uncheck any combination at their whim.

The find criteria are fields such as Surname, DOB, City, Country, IP Address, Nickname ....

Would someome have the time to get me started on this ?

EDIT: In essence the question is 'How do I "and" find criteria together using checkboxes.'

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I've worked out how to get the check box selections parsed and into a calculated field, but where to from here?

The result in the calculated field can look like "Surname; DOB; IPAddress" or "DOB; State; Nickame" as examples.

How can I easily turn these into Filer Criteria?

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This topic is 6140 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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