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Dueling Value Lists


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I have an application using GUI.fp7 and Data.fp7 and have encountered a usage case I don't understand.

In Data.fp7 I orginally implemented a Value List called Letters containing "A", "B" and "C" as the allowable choices for a text field. And for a reason that I cannot recall, I ended up with an identical Letters value list defined in GUI.fp7

Regardless, everything worked fine until I wanted to add a "D" value. I did so in the GUI.fp7 but got a message saying "not an allowable choice" when clicking on it in a popup.

So I went to the Data.fp7 and added "D". Again, everything was fine -- until I decided that I didn't need "D" after all.

I removed it from the GUI.fp7 and it vanished from the popup choices -- even though it was still defined in Data.fp7

So this has me thinking: what IS the proper way to implement Value Lists in the separation model? Always in Data? Only in GUI? And what are the rules if a particular value list happens to be in both?

Any suggestions or insights will be appreciated.

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You are correct. I have Validation by Member of value list = Letters turned on.

I can remove it in Data.fp7 and depend on filtering the user-entered fields. But by removing it I'll lose the capability to auto-validate imports. I wonder if there's anything else to consider other that the easier GUI upgrades that you mentioned?

The bottom line, I suppose, is to just remember that

GUI::ValueList::Letters and


are distinctively different, even though they happen to have the same "first name".

Thanks for the response.

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This topic is 5776 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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