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Losing sub summary sort listing in layout

susan siegel

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I'm not sure I'm explaining this correctly - but the problem is that the layout stops showing the sub summary sort after I've gone back into the table to make some data changes.

The sub summary is based on the "street name" field (and there's a "street name summary" field )and then there are a series of summary fields, let's just call them a, b, c,d, etc.

For each street, I get the totals for each of the summary fields.

The first time I set up the layout, after much trial and error, I can get the layout that I want (I'll skip over why I can't get it right the first time.)

But - when I review the list of streets, I see that some streets are listed twice -- I assume probably because there's some hidden difference in the way the street name was initially entered. So I've gone back into the file and reentered the street name, taking out the extra spaces that I thought was the cause of the problem. But then, when I preview the layout, I seem to have lost the ability to see a sort listing the individiual streets; I just get one street name listed (the one from the very first record) and the totals for all the remaining fields. My found list includes all the streets.

I can't get back to the listing of all the streets.

What am I doing wrong?

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This topic is 6134 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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