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Client connect to FM Server hosted file


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I'll try this in the right forum now: So I've got FM server up and running, and it's hosting files, but it seems that to access the file the clients have to go through the process of starting filemaker, choosing open remote, selecting the server and then choosing the correct file from those displayed.

Is it possible to do all of this via a desktop shortcut on the client's machine?

Am I missing something?

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1. They break easily if they don't have a lot of error trapping in them. Most common error is that the hosted file in unavailable.

2. They have to be deployed to desktops all over the enterprise, instead of just one on the server.

3. If the IP address of the server changes, they can fail.

4. I don't like users having physical access to the file.

5. Finally, I find it just a little hard to believe that a user can't seem to launch the FileMaker Pro application and select Open Remote and then the file.


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Thanks for your input everyone.

Yes it does seem strange that a three step instruction cannot be remembered by the staff, but my staff are young (aka couldn't be bothered reading or following instructions), mostly casuals, and I have a high turnover so just when I think I've got them educated they leave and I'm back where I started.

Surely this fantastic user friendly program can organise a desktop shortcut for a networked program? The program I'm dropping in favour of Filemaker can do that!


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Thanks for the opinion, Steven

Most all of my users are content to open the filemaker application and open remote. So I provide a starter file only to a very limited number of users. However for my own entry into the system, it reduces my keystrokes / mouse clicks. I can deal appropriately with a broken link, should one arise.

Maybe opinions on this contrast sharply between consultant developers and in-house DBA's. Control of the system and it's environment seem to be at the root the matter.



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This topic is 5780 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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