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Export opens new FM iteration


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I have an 'Items' table which contains a script to 'export' all of the fields contained in the table [no containers] as a 'Filemaker' table. I do this so I can later import using the 'Matching fields' option in Filemaker and populate a different table that has the same field names but is used for analysis and general manipulation that saves my initial table data from corruption.

When the 'Item' table is opened I use a startup script to format the screen and other initialization stuff. Within this startup script is the command to perform the export script that I described above.

Now . . when the 'Item' table is opened and the startup script executed, the Filemaker application is initiated and displays an icon in the upper right portion of the window. As the script continues and the export script command is executed, a 2nd iteration of Filemaker is opened, and displayed in a 2nd Microsoft window.

When I select the "Windows" maximize button in the upper right within the new window, this 2nd window seems to merge into a single Filemaker window, but now displays 2 Filemaker icons in the upper right.

What do I need to do to avoid this problem. It continually causes problems.


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This topic is 6139 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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