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Need help with this particular script...more than 1 record needed...

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I've got a little script setup that marks an auction paid on eBay when we mark it paid in our local FileMaker system. The script is actually an external ASP script that gets run within a Web Viewer in FileMaker. The paramaters passed to the URL are dynamically generated like this:


Invoices::Web_Order_Number is the eBay Auction number. This field is in our Invoices table, however, this field is also included in our Invoices_Items table which actually holds item information for each invoice.

In instances where somebody purchases more than a single eBay auction from us on the same invoice only 1 of those auctions is getting marked paid on eBay.

What I need to do is change my URL generation so that it will include an delimited set of all auctions included on the invoice. For instance, if I have 3 different auctions on the same invoice I would want the value for the eBayItemID paramater to be:

3423423453 | 2342342343 | 23423434

Then my ASP script could loop through those values to mark it paid on eBay for each one.

So, the first thing I know is that Invoices::Web_Order_Number will become Invoice_Items::Web_Order_Number, but how can I make it so that it will include all web_order_numbers in Invoice_Items that have the same Invoice_Number?

Any information on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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This topic is 5771 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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