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Picky data entry question - dropdown lists


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I have an invoicing database that pulls pricing information from another table. We have multiple prices for the same items depending on different criteria. What I have done is create a table that holds pricing information and this table has multiple entries for each item depending on how many different price options there are. Works fine except for one picky detail....I find that when I'm doing data entry I prefer to use all keyboard shortcuts and not use the mouse....when I tab into the dropdown list and hit the down arrow key to select a price, it selects the second value in the list not the first one. This behavior is not what I would expect and actually causes the user to hit the down arrow and then the up arrow to select the first item in the dropdown list! How annoying. Is there a way around this? I frankly have thought about creating a blank price field that would effectively move the 1st actual price to the second position in the dropdown list making this the first one selected when hitting the down arrow....but this seems clunky. Anyone have any ideas?


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This topic is 5769 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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