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List of Open Windows

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I currently track open windows in a User table (as multiline). But I’ve realized that FileMaker does so natively. I would like to take advantage of that feature. I’ve attached a simple file. WindowNames ( Get ( FileName ) ) nicely lists all open windows in the sequence they are accessed (current window always on top).

I want to fire a script upon event (window switch) – I’m using SecureFM and can do this now. But, instead of a multiline, I want the window names in repetitions (current window in rep 1, prior window in rep 2 etc). Why? Because I can then display the repetitions individually (as buttons) which can be selected (to grab the value) and return a User to that layout (window), ie, bring that window to the front as selected. But I can't use repetition number (iterations) in the MiddleValues() function to extend out the text values because Extend() only allows a field. If you open new windows (using the window button), you will see how nicely FM handles this for us. After you open some windows, select one of the first windows again (then click REFRESH) ... WindowNames() updates the list and keeps the sequence correct as well.

I want a horizontal row of repetitions listing the last five (including the current) of open windows. Using my current method, it works okay; but I don't have a way of displaying the open windows for User selection. That's why I thought of using repetitions; I can even split them into two rows if I wished and grabbing the value would be easy. I suppose I could write to records but reps seem cleaner in this instance.



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This topic is 6119 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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