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I have decided to eliminate the status area on my next database project. I have buttons to move forward and backward through the records. I can see that I can insert the record number onto the layout, but can anyone tell me how to display the total number of records and after a find the number of records out of X.

I have been displaying fields <> but can't seem to find record information.


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There are many different combinations. You need to create a text calculation (unstored), something like:

TextStyleAdd(Get(RecordNumber); Bold)

& " of " &

TextStyleAdd(Get(FoundCount); Bold) &

If(Get(FoundCount) < Get(TotalRecordCount);

" Found"; " Total") & " - " & If(not Get ( SortState) or Get(SortState) = 2 ; "Unsorted"; "Sorted")

This will produce:

[color:green] 18 of 115 Found - Sorted


[color:green] 350 of 2500 Total - Unsorted

This shows the current record you are on and then the found count. But it can display 'Found 115 out of 2500' as well.

I don't include semi-sorted because it confuses my Users. If it isn't sorted, it needs to be sorted again (to mean anything) so I just call it Unsorted at that point. Then place either the calculation or the merge field of it on your layouts. So just tell us exactly what you wish to incorporate in your RecordsBar and we'll help you. I make my RecordsBar a Custom Function so it's easy to slide into all tables. :wink2:


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This topic is 5752 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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