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network install with assisted install.txt file

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I've tried to do a network install but got into issues. The main problem is that I got Filemaker 8.5 from a download and not a cd. When I want to follow the network install procedure ???

"Create a folder on your networked volume for the FileMaker product installer files.

Locate the following files on your installation CD and copy them to the folder you created on your network volume:

• Windows: The files folder, which contains the personalization file Assisted Install.txt and other required installation files.

After you edit your personalization file and make it and the FileMaker installation files available on the network, users can perform an assisted installation by:

mounting the volume that contains the installation files.

double-clicking the appropriate installer file:

Windows: Setup.exe"

My problem, from the download I got from Filemaker, the only file I got that is an .exe is: fmp_8.5v1_R3_full_ESD.exe no sight of in my Setup.exe

Can anyone guide me on how to find the "other required installation files( I found the assisted install.txt file)"

Thanks in advance and Happy new 2007!


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Hi Will,

Here is what happens:

Extracting Filemaker Por 8.5 v1 autorun32.ico

Exracting Filemaker Pro 8.5 v1 autorun.exe

crc failed inflating Filemaker 8.5 v1 Autorun.exe

Unexpected end of archive


Some installation file are corrupted

please download a fresh copy an retry

I'm pretty safe my copy is not corrupted as I did a direct install with no problem on other stations.

What do you think?



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Hi all,

It was indeed a corrupted file that caused the issue. However, I must mention, in case other people have this issue, that the "setup.exe" is in the File Folder which in turn is in the Filemaker Pro 8.5v1 folder that is created when the downloaded file is expanded.

Hope this will help others.

Again, a great New Year to all!


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This topic is 5746 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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