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Confused about this relationship - head aches for help!


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Hey everyone! I've been trying to make this work for about two months no and still no luck. I am having relationship trouble and I mean the FileMaker kind. ???-P

Anyway, I am creating a database to track the knowledge base of our employees. The goal is two have a list of the same software packages for each employee and a unique rating of 1 to 5 for each particular package per employee.


Software Package Layout: Used for entering new packages as they become available.

Employee Layout: Enter employee info and list ALL the software packages from the other layout, then apply a rating to each one (possibly in a portal?)

I currently have three tables:

Software with 2 fields: Software ID, Software Title

Employee with 6 fields: Employee ID, Employee Name, Software ID, Software Title, and Rating

Competencies: was using this two join the above, but with no success joined them directly via Workshop ID.

I believe I am looking to create a relationship as follows:


Any help figuring this out would be greatly appreciated. I think I am close, but no cigar. I can return all workshops, but cannot get the rating to be unique. I either end up with the 1 rating being the same for all employees or all workshops.

I have attached the file. It is kind of mess because of the many things i've tried. :-( There are two sets of tables which are the two main methods I've been trying. The one in red is currently being used in the Employee layout. The one in blue is not doing anything. One other note, originally I was calling Software=Workshops, so you will see that is what the table and layout are called.




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This topic is 5751 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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