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Run script with full privs in data separation model application

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Has any of you had experience with the data separation model in FMA 8.5?

I have a data file with multiple tables and a file that is my user interface. It has no data of its own, all of the TOs refer to tables in the data file. From the user interface, I want to set a value in the data file. And I want to do this via a script that runs on full access privileges. However, it fails.

From the security standpoint this may make sense. But how do I work around this?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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The privilege settings are file-based, as you've found, for security reasons. Otherwise anyone could create a new file and run scripts they wanted in your file just by clicking [x] Run with full access. At least that's my understanding. It can be a PITA however.

The way I've gotten around this is to run a little subscript in the Data file that did whatever little thing that was needed. I imagine you've thought of that. Another option would be to modify the privilege settings so they could set that field, but keep other settings in place (more difficult, and I imagine you've thought of that also). In other words, I don't think there is a magic bullet, especially not for Set Field [], for which there is no work-around.

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Yep, that seems to be the reason, which makes sense in a way. But I was hoping that the behaviour would be more along the lines of the passwords: once you have a file open with master access, other files that are part of the solution are automatically opened / accessed with the same privs, without me having to key them in.

But thanks for thinking along.

And when I said: it fails, I meant to say: no set field happens, I get an error message that I am not authorised to set the field. Which is correct from the standpoint of the privs for the normal user, but in my perception, that was what the ticking box for running with admin privs was for...

Maybe this will change in future....

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This topic is 6109 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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