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Trying to figure out what type of relationship to use


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Hello :

I am trying to make a database for my friend. He needs an inventory, which is pretty simple. My problem is in the following:

The inventory is for the computer parts. Most parts are interchangeable between different models and manufacturers. I need to make a portal that allows us to see all other parts that are compatable with the one that is currently selected, and to be able to select it in the portal and once clicked to bring it up in the main window.

I am a beginner in Filemaker and still finding my way around and still bumping head, however i do have some experience with Access. If someone could please tell me how to accomplish what I explained above, I would really greatly appreciate it. Thank you all in advance for your attention and assistance :


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Ho Faze,

Sounds kind complicated, even for one who knows their way around FileMaker. We'd need a little more detail in order to give a detailed response.

But for the interchangeable parts, it sounds like you'd need a join table between the Part table and a second occurrence of the Part table. The relationship and process would be the same kind of thing we talked about here:


Once that's in place, you can select a Part, then see the related interchangeable parts in a portal.

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Currently I only have one table with the following fields:












ProductID is the unique key, it will never be the same. I made the CompatibilityID in hopes of using it to display necessary information in portal (i.e. the parts that are interchangeable and compatible would have the same CompatibilityID). And since I only have one table, there are no relationships yet.

Interface will be pretty simple. All the fields mentioned above will be shown and the portal (the reason why i'm here) will show compatible items. The reason for the portal, is so if we are out of stock on a certain item, we can use the other items that are compatible with that particular one.

Hope this helps :) Thanks in advance for any ideas and suggestions!


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This topic is 5713 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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