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Massive slowdown

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I got a fairly simple database, 10 fields, two scripts, working great. It moves very fast, importing new records, and processing the records using the script. This was on a test file of about 1200 records.

However, I then tried running it on the full set, 61,000 records. It ran, but seemed very slow, which seemed reasonable considering the much larger set. However, I discovered an error in one of the scripts, so deleted all the records, and went back to testing with the test file. Now suddenly, the whole thing is moving like molasses, even though the big set is gone. I then tried saving the file as a clone, figuring maybe there was corruption in the file.

No go. Still the same snail's pace, even on just the original 1200 records. What's going on?

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Actually, you could always run a script that involved fields not on the current layout. There are a couple of script steps that won't work, such as copy and paste, but you get around that using the Freeze Window.

I involve fields not on the current layouts all of the time. Script steps such as Set Field do not require the field to be on the current layout. You can also Freeze Window, go to a layout, do a copy and paste, and return to the current layout, and the user will not see any of it.



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This topic is 5684 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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