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Auto/background opening of databases

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Hi, I am new to both MACs and FileMaker (although I am familiar with databases). I would like to automate the opening of FileMaker (Pro 8 Vn 1 - not a Sever version) and two databases on a MAC server (OS Tiger) so that they are available via IWP.

Obviously I can open the files manually from the server using a suitable account and password and they will then be visible via the web (IWP). However, I would like this to be done automatically - I assume via an automated process on the MAC server.

I appreciate that this may be more of a MAC OS related question. So my question is can FilaMaker Pro be loaded and the databases opened automtically - presumably by running a system script. If so could someone kindly point me in the direction of what I need to do?

The MAC has been setup (by someone else) to go into sleep mode between 6pm and 8am each weekday. The databases I wish to have available via IWP only need to be accessible between 8am-6pm.

Thanks for your time

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There are so many things wrong with this scenario. First, you will be limited to a very small number of users who are able to access this IWP.

Second, when the machine goes to sleep, IWP connectivity will stop. users may lose any data in the process of being entered.

I suppose you could write an Apple Script applet that launches and then a second one that later quits FMP at the apprpriate times.

Third, I hope this server doesn't go down on you or that the FMP application unexpectedly quits.

Take a look at the capabilities of FIleMaker Server 8 Advanced if you plan to do any real IWP connectivity.


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Hi Steven, thanks for the very speedy response. There are only a maximum of 3 users per database and it will usually be one. The databases will only be used periodically and may not even be used on a daily basis with work being completed by 5.30.

The setup was in place before I arrived. I was looking for a solution of not having to go to the server each morning to set things up.

Thanks for the comments about Advanced Server. I'll do some investigation.


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This topic is 6060 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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