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You can only achieve this via a script and a global field...

Freeze Window

Enter Preview Mode[]

Go To Record / Page[ Last ]

SetField[ table::gLastPage ; Get(PageNumber) ]

Go To Record / Page[ First ]

Then for your merge field down the bottom just use Page ## of << table::gLastPage >>

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You're the one who asked me on another forum why I didn't want to use FMP instead of Word for mail merge. Your reply above is a better answer than I could have come up with. The problem with FMP is you have to write scripts to make it a halfa$$ed word processor.

Don't get me wrong, I sincerely appreciate your expertise and especially your willingness to help. If you ever have any organic gardening questions or need to buy some mineral rights in Texas, write to me.

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I *have nothing against word processors, I just think that in a lot of cases (and for most people), the capabilities of FM are full featured enough (or the people who ask the question should at least be given the option of the knowledge that their problem can sometimes be solved natively within FM)... e.g. for the composition of letters and similar basic mass marketing solutions where strictly text content is enough... The page numbering feature is well past it's inclusion date (should have been in FM ages ago) and mixed content fields are really missing at this stage as well.. So yes i agree with you, to a large extent, but still think people deserve to know the option is available given that in some industries, text is still enough.

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This topic is 5684 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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