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Hello. I think i will win the prize of the newbie of the year! im encountering other problem. I want to make a photo directory. The photo directory will be a layout with the pictures of all the members, when you click the picture it will link you to a main layout where you will fill the other things of the record.

The only part that im missing is how to make the list of pictures, not only vertically but also horizontaly. Can somebody help me with that? thanks!

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unfortunately, filemaker does not have the ability to do horizontal and vertical listing that I know of.

You must use global fields to display a GROUP of records, but not all of them.

For instance, you could create a field with 25 repetitions, and lay them out like this:


fieldA[6].......................to 10


So you would have 5 fields that each one would be set to show 5 repetitions horizontally using the specify field dialog (Control+shift+f.)

Then you would need a script to set the fields with the images or the image references (which would make it faster. Images aren't the greatest to store in databases as they make it slow and klunky)

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I think Genx's idea should be tried first. It is possible to "tile" portals horizontally. You just enter ending and starting points.

Portal 1: Initial row [ 1 ], Number of rows [ 10 ]

Portal 2: Initial row [ 11 ], Number of rows [ 10 ]


The trouble is if you could have more pictures than would fit in all the above portals, as none (except possibly the last) would have their vertical scroll bar turned on.

Then you would have to move on to one of the other suggestions. There a several ways to do this. Most involve, as Lee's suggestion, changing a global or unstored calculation field which is the originating side of the portal's relationship.

FileMaker Inc. released another method entirely, in their Photo example file; which they no longer include for some reason. It used copy/paste into a global container.

Basically, as long as the number of pictures will fit in your multiple instances of 1 portal, then it's simple. But more than that, or an unknown amount (found set, etc.) and it gets more complex.

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I thought this might be good to do a sample file for, it's not the first time this has come up and it's fairly easy to achieve in FM 8+.


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This topic is 5699 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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