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Opening "Inserted file" script

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I'm definitely a newbie at FileMaker but am extremely excited to learn more and more. I'm going to start with an embarrassingly simple question.

I've created a "client & project" database with a layout that contains a container filed. I've inserted a reference PDF file (the project estimate) into the container field. Here's the embarrassing question: How can I set up a script that lets simply lets the file open when I click on the container field?

I can get it to bring up a dialogue box that asks me where I want to save a copy of the file, but I don't want to have all these duplicate files on my desktop that I'll just end up deleting later.

Thanks so much!

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you are keeping these files in 1 place (e.g. you are the only user or all files are on a sever.)

the choose the 'store only reference' option. then when you double click the file it will open. choosing save will then overwrite the actual file.

this basically means you are opening a remote file, editing it and saving it where it is.

rather than attaching it within the database, bringing it out (local copy) then putting it back.

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Hey Twd70! Thanks for getting back to me. Great to see another OSX user.

Yes, I am the only user (for now) and the files are all in one location and inserted with the "store only reference" option. Double clicking in the field containing the reference file does not produce any results (I would have felt really dumb if it did). Do I need to set up a script for that field for that to work?

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This topic is 5697 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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