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sequence of events from filling in a form

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i have a project on the go which i need a script for, its a complex process(at least i think its complex).

What i need to do is this, i have a work order for a contractors office which once it is filled out i need the following to happen. when the work order form is completed, the information should then be placed in a clients database, an email will be sent to the project manager, as well as an sms message to inform the PM that a work order is in their inbox, i also need file maker to automatically go to various websites to perform ceredit checks, background checks, the result of the checks will cause a decline or acceptance email to be forewarded to the new client, i also need file maker to check the PM's schedule and calculate 3 days from date of acceptance any frre times that are available for the clients to see the project manager.

i am sure that this would be a case of correct scripting but being a newbie i am not sure.

hope you guys can help


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This topic is 6052 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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