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Related record is not the right record

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Hi All,

Gonna do my best to explain this because I am confused.

We have a slightly modified version of the template Lending Library that comes with Filemaker. Some of our items refuse to check in. I noticed that there is a script step in the script "Process Check In", that step is Go To Related Record. When I try to check one of our broken items in, for instance, 0000042, the related record that appears is 0000421. When I step through the script with the debug mode turned on, it kicks back "This operation could not be completed because the target is not part of a related table". So the script goes to a related record, but to me it doesn't really seem related.

I can force the check in by manually changing the status (Available/Not Available) but I would rather have this work.

Hopefully that made enough sense.

Thanks in advance,

Matt Dunn

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I figured it out. One of the related fields was calculating as text and the other was calculating as a number.

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