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Help with a calculation anyone?

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Could anyone be so kind to point me in the right direction, here is what I am looking to do:

I have a table called factoryPricing I also have a table called Inventory. These tables are related together by a common field ProductID. The factoryPricing table contains quotes received for a product in inventory from a factory. There may be multiple quotes from a factory on a single item in Inventory.

I have a field in Inventory table called Cost that I would like to pull from a field called QuotedPrice from the record related to that product in the . However I would only like it to pull the most recent quoted price. I have a auto filling field in factoryPricing called QuoteID so I guess I need something along the lines of

If ProductID match with quote fill field with quotedPrice from the record with the highest number in QuoteID.... Just not sure how to form this expression in FM.... any help would be MUCH appreciated.

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I can't seam to get it to work :)-(

I tried

Last ( relationship::field )

the field did not fill. I am already sorting my portal, and the most recent price quote is at the top of the list. However I am looking to pull the field quotedPrice from the most recent Quote for the specific product. I am using a field QuoteID, I could pick from the most recent (greatest value of QuoteID for the relationship to that product, pulling the quotedPrice from this record and putting it in a field called COST in a different table - Inventory). Any more advice?

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