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adding files to containers

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i'm new to filemaker, using version 7. i have created a simple database with a few text fields and one container per file. i want to put a series of quicktime audiofiles in the containers but i might end up with hundres, even thousands of entries. is there a way to "mass" import these audio files into their respective containers without having to do each one individually (something i can't even find a keybpard shortcut for when doing it one at a time!) any help appreciated. thanks.

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I just tried this with a folder of movie files (.mp4), and also a folder of audio files (.aiff), using the Import Folder command. It imported them as playable Quicktime files, as reference only. Even though it says (•) Picture files. I just lined up the Image with my container field. This was using FileMaker 8.5 on OS 10.4.9. Don't know if it works on earlier versions, but don't see why not. Try it.

The usual caveats about using referenced files on a network apply. That is, since you're using Server, the audio files should be on another machine on the network, mounted on each client machine; best practices.

Unless you're talking about importing them as FILES, which is not the same thing at all. In that case you'd probably want to use AppleScript to get their file paths, from the folder. But I don't know exactly what your situation requires; it's late, so I'll lob that back into your court. In other words, just what do you mean by "import", do you want them embedded or as a reference only, and what do you expect to do with these files?

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