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Portal Field Update Info

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I have 3 tables Client, GLCodes and ClientGLCodes. One Client can have many GLCodes and one GLCode can be assigned to many Clients. Hence ClientGLCodes table is created. On the Client Layout, I have a portal for ClientGLCodes where the Rate for the GLCodes can be updated for every client.

So the ClientGLCodes portal on Client Layout has the following fields- Master Rate (Comes from GLCodes table), Client Rate, Rate Modified Date. Only the Client Rate can be modified here. Modified Date is defined as "TimeStamp" field in the table definition. The problem is that whenever a rate is modified, the Modified Date gets changed only after the user clicks out of the portal. I would like the date to change as soon as the rate is modified.

Please help !!!


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As to my knowledge, the only way to do this is perform a loop that commits record and places cursor back where it was untill user manually commits.

This works only if status area is hidden, because the pause in the loop makes the Continue button appear in it, which is not very friendly.

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