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M Rosales

Memory Issues with web viewer

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I created a runtime (8.5 Advanced) tool to assist staff in entering data into our web based contact & businees management software.

In short, as you flip through FM records, the correct contact appears in the viewer based on the contact ID's stored in FM. Using this method saves time since it takes 6 clicks and a search if you want to enter data directly from the website. Not efficient if you have 150-200 entries to make.

The problem is that after scrolling through 25 or records, the solution bogs down and then freezes.

Here is what I noticed:

1) When the solution is launched, it is using 25 or so MB of memory.

2) When you get to record 20, the amount of memory used is up to about 300 MB and keeps increasing as new records are accessed until it freezes.

3) Closing the file and reopening it before it freezes seems to help but this is not something I want users to keep doing.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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