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CMYK Sliders

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On a Mac using Filemaker 8.5.

I selected a fill color from the CMYK Sliders of:

Cyan: 100

Magenta: 50

Yellow: 0

Black: 0

and applied it to a rectangle object.

When i selected the object and checked the fill color

the CMYK Sliders read:

Cyan: 89

Magenta: 50

Yellow: 3

Black: 4.

Why would it change like this?

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Filemaker stores its colors as RGB, not CMYK. Apple color picker converts the values on-the-fly. There is no one-to-one mapping between these two color spaces, and several conversion algorithms are possible. In Apple's color picker, CMYK (100;50;0;0) converts to RGB (0;83;149) and this converts back as CMYK (89;50;3;4). Not really Filemaker related.

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