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Thank you, comment.

Yes, like that ! ;)

I didn't know the extreme power of that script step:

Refresh Window [Flush cached join results]

It's correct to say that that step forces the recalculation of unstored ( because related ) calcs ?

And, do you think that the same effect can be obtained without a script ?

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I don't know of a way to do this without a script. Without a script, user could move to a new line item without committing the previous one. An uncommitted line item will obviously NOT be included in the list.

This is IN ADDITION to the usual problem of one relationship depending on the results of another. Filemaker does not always see the connection beteen the two, and continues to rely on the cache. That's what the step really does: it forces recalculation of results obtained from a relationship.

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Hi Daniele,

it seems to be a job for FilterValuesByTest().

FilterValuesByTest ( ¶ & List ( invoiceItemsIDs ) & ¶ ; "value" ; "PatternCount ( text ; ¶ & value & ¶ )" ; 0 )

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