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Leslie MacNeill

problem finding multiple criteria in form

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I need to be able to find based on multiple criteria in a form and I'm running into a problem. The user should not be able to proceed if they don't fill in both fields, but the form is going to the action page instead of the error page if they leave either or both fields blank. I've tried adding the -lop "and" and also the fieldname.op "eq" to no avail. I don't have this problem in my inline statements, just the form. Any ideas what's wrong?


Please enter your Make and Model.



Search for Parts

Thanks in advance for your help.

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In your database, add a calculation field, which is called make_model and concatenates the values in fields make and model.

Add this field in your form, with

Add also

Add a onsubmit="javascript:submitvalues()" call to your form tag

The JavaScript function looks like this:

function submitvalues()


var vkey1=document.searchform.make.value;

var vkey2=document.searchform.model.value;

if (vkey1 == "") vkey1="dummy";

if (vkey2 == "") vkey2="dummy";

if (vkey1.indexOf("*") > -1) vkey1="dummy";

if (vkey2.indexOf("*") > -1) vkey2="dummy";


return true;


This should work and also check for entered * .

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