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Web viewer charting example again...

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Hi Guys,

Anyone know if I can scale the charts down.

I've gone into the vw.html file and edited the width and height, which seems to have scaled down the graphics to the size I want but I cant seem to increase the fontsize.

I have a calc that contains type=intermpie, which seems to display my chart. When I change the type to pie, the chart dissapears (I think I n eed to use pie to get the fontsize to work as this is used in the advanecd pie chart calc.)

Any ideas why changing intermpie to pie stops the charting example from working...... I can post the code if that helps once I've got access to my computer.

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Hi Guys,

Heres the code Im aving trouble with:

This code works (in the sense it produces me a piechart but ignores increasing the fontize)

Let ( vP = Substitute ( Get ( FilePath ) ; Get ( FileName ) & ".fp7" ; "WV.html" ) ;

If ( Abs (Get ( SystemPlatform )) = 2 ; vP ; Substitute ( vP ; "file:/" ; "file://" ) ))


"?type=intermpie" &

"&title=" & " I think Oakham is a good School" &

"&labels=" & "Strongly Agree" & "," & "Agree" & "," & "Disagree" & "," & "Strongly Disagree" &

"&amounts=" & Questionnaire::Count Q1 1 & "," & Questionnaire::Count Q1 2 & "," & Questionnaire::Count Q1 3 & "," & Questionnaire::Count Q1 4 &


When I change the type to pie (which I believe is used for the advanced version) I just get a Grey circle) What am I doing wrong...... this calc is pasted straight into the webviewer.

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Hi Guys,

Ive managed to get my calculation working now.

I would like to know if anyone knows where I can get a list of the parameters the Web viewer charting example uses?

Im using the advanced option,and the ones I know that already exist are:







Im looking for something that will either allow me to scale down the piechart, or something that will allow me to line spacing in the text (seeing as though I can increase the font and scale down the chart in the vw.html file)

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