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Using EMBED for quicktime movies

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I have a Filemaker Pro 5 database with a container field in which I have quicktime movies, which I wish to display as part of a record detail page for users over the web.

I have used the code

<EMBED SRC="images/[FMP-Field: filename]" PLUGINSPAGE="http://quicktime.apple.com" WIDTH=160 HEIGHT=120 CONTROLLER=false LOOP=true AUTOPLAY=true>

as suggested on the filemaker website, and have created a text field called 'filename', with just the filename in it. (eg movie.mov) The quicktime files are in the images folder in the Web folder.

The video clip is not displayed when i access the record thru Netscape, and by using the 'view source' facility I can see that the [FMP-Field: filename] part has not been replaced by the filename (eg movie.mov), but is blank. But the text from all the other fields in the record is displayed okay - so it 'gets' the text from those fields, but not from the 'filename' field.

The database is held on an Appleshare IP 6.3 server, and otherwise it works fine. I have tried Netscape 4.7 and IE 4.5 (both mac).

Any suggestions gratefully received.

John Pritchard

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well, i'm sorry i can't give you specifics about the .mov format, but i've been told by the WWW that you should use both the EMBED tag and the OBJECT tag with multimedia's so that it is as fully browser compatible as possible. Again i don't know specifics about quicktime .movs so i'm sorry. But hopefully it can point you in a somewhat right direction.


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Originally posted by Vaughan:

Does the specified -layout have all the fields on it that are used in the form?

You are quite right - I had added the 'filename' field to the database, but neglected to add it to the layout used for Web access. Doh! Thanks - John

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This topic is 8571 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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