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FMA Web Server issues

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I hope someone will be able to help me with this noob question. I have FMSA installed on a windows install running IIS and am trying to share a database over the web. So far I can get the database to show via IWP on my LAN but can't figure how to do so over the net.

The machine running the FMSA is on a static IP behind my router, which has ports forwarded to match those specified in the databse, permissions have been set in the Db ok it would seem as I can access it via IWP across the LAN.

Do I need to configure IIS in some way to resolve the local machine ip address [192.168.0.xxx] so that I can access the Db remotely? [i have no domain name I can use for this and was going to try to use IP addys.] If I bung in my actual static ip address specified by my ISP into the browser together with the port number, I get nada.

IIS appears to be working ok as the Console is appearing as it should, and as I say IWP is working fine over the LAN.

All this Web publishing using a IIS server is a bit new so any help, in idiot format, would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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