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Robert Collins

Globally enabling/diabling tooltips

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I wondered if there was a simple way to enable and disable tooltips - The idea being that I wanted to define the tooltips for each field and then have a script so the user can turn them on or off from a custom menu - a sort of help.

The long way to do this seems to be a calculated result for each field with a global field holding the on/off status but I can see this as fairy time consuming.

Any ideas would be appreciated


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Another way would be to manage your Tooltips from the outside with a dedicated Table.

The calculation in the tooltip could be Evaluate ( MyToolTipTable::FormulaN )

Or pulling all tooltips formula that would be stored into multiple records of the ToolTip Table into a Repeating Global Variable

Then the ToolTip calculation becomes

Evaluation ( $$Formula[n] )

This way, you may change the tooltips at wish, eventually introduce some user define choice within them or other conditions.


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