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Dropdown menu that I want to show records from a related table does not react to focus or click. Created two tables, Name and Department. Here's description from Define Database window:

Table: Name

Field Name| Type | Options

name_ID | Number | Auto-enter Serial

first | Text

last | Text

dept_ID| Number | Indexed

Table: Department

Field Name Type Options

dept_ID Number | Indexed |Auto-enter Serial

deptname | Text|Indexed, By Value List, Existing, Allow Override

description |Text

In the Relationships window I dragged a line from department.dept_ID field to name.dept_ID.

I checked the "Allow creation of records in this table via this relationship" and "Delete related record in this table when a record is deleted in the other table" under the "name" table but did NOT check these same boxes under the "department" table. Populated this table with three records:

Dept 1

Dept 2

Dept 3

Created a layout with First and Last from Name table and department.name from department table. Double clicked this field to display "Field / Control Setup" window and chose these options:

Control Style > Display as: Drop-down List

Display values from: Departmentname

Include arrow to show and hide list

Display data from: department

Can't select (focus on) dropdown menu.


Thanks in advance. As you can tell, I'm very new at this...

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Welcome aboard. Your control on the name layout should use the name.dept_id field. Then, you need a value list in the dept table that includes dept_id and dept_name. Use that value list in the definition of the name.dept_id control on the name layout.

As an aside, is it your intention to delete any (and all) names from the name table if you delete their department? That's what the delete related toggle will do. What I mean is this: if you have Bob, Jim and Jane assigned to Dept 2, and then you delete Dept 2, Bob, Jim and Jane will all get deleted at the same time. This may be what you want, but I thought I'd check...



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Thanks, problem solved. Thanks also for reminder to (re)consider delete implications. Not sure anything I'm doing at this point is actually "intentional." :B

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