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Tommy Lam

Table Update issue for inventory management system

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I am new to FileMaker, :B I want to create an inventory management system for my own warehouse. Since every layout can just only related to one table occurrences. How can I update another table (CurrentStockLevel ) while inserting record in another table (Transaction) :(

Actually, I want to decide an database with following entity,

- Product (PID, product info)

- Vendor (VID, Vendor info)

- Client (CID, Client info)

- Warehouse (WID, Warehouse info) [Every Vendor and Client has his own WID]

- Invoice Master (Invoice No., invoice info, Price)

- Invoice Detail ( Invoice No, PID, Quantity)

- Delivery Note Master (DN No., DN info)

- Delivery Note Detail (DN No., Product ID, Qty)

- Transaction (Transaction ID, PID, From WID, To WID, Qty, Status) [status can be IN, OUT, MOVE, TAKE. If the status is TAKE all the record would save to another table "tempary" and compare the content with CurrentStock]

- Current Stock (WID, PID, Qty)

But when I try to create an inventory application base on the above Database decide.

I want to create a layout which allow user to input the Transaction one by one, and I have create an button which would allow the user to input import records to Transaction table, But the problem is I cannot update the Qty in CurrentStock at the same when I try to insert the records to Transaction table.

Please advise.

(Where can I find more information on this issue)

Tommy Lam

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Couldn't we see what you have accomplished this far with the RG, preferably a clone of your system, because it's often a wrong move to rely to heavily on either Sum( or a GetSummary( ...instead should a Lookup Last be instated, and shown in a portal sorted with the newest record going to the top, and perhaps only one single record shown.

But provide us with something to play with and well have more chances to get you somewhere!


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