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Limiting string length during Data Entry

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I am working on a Purchase Order db (fmp 8.5 advanced, w-xp) and I want to limit the text description to 30 characters, no more. I put max length on the field setup but it doesn't flag users that they have exceeded thirty characters until they leave the field.

Optimally, I would like the system to pop up a window that tells them when Character limit has been reached while typing in the field, not once they leave.

Any suggestions?


David R

SW Florida

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Not just what you ask, but -

You could have a button that you click to get the score. If you end the script with Set Selection the cursor never leaves the field - one click - the user won't miss a beat. It's at least smoother than clicking out to commit the field then clicking back in. And the user may not need to use it as you'll have the field sized about right (Courier?). And just in case, an auto enter calc cuts it off at 30 characters. Don't forget the TrimAll.

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